Our Community

There is no more important work than our dedication to education and the children we serve. We would not be able to achieve higher graduation rates, academic gains, or offer programs that enrich our students beyond the classroom without the involvement of our families and the support of our community partners.


Dayton Public Schools is fortunate to have the support of a host of partners, from business, civic, social, philanthropic and education organizations that help provide opportunities for nearly 14,000 students on an annual basis. Whether on a district, school or student-level basis, community involvement is essential to our district’s continuing improvement.


Contract with the Community


The Dayton Board of Education adopted a new Contract with the Community, updating the pledge made to citizens in 2008 to improve academically while holding down costs. The contract, effective 2014 through 2019, addresses the district’s goals for continued academic growth, progress on state-mandated tests, improved state report card performance, on-time high school graduation of students prepared for postsecondary opportunities or careers, and quarterly reporting to the community.


Recognizing that no district can succeed without support, the 2014 Contract with the Community addresses actions that community and family members must take to help Dayton Public Schools meet its goals. Community obligations include advocating for high-quality, affordable early childhood education; advocating for youth and adult literacy; partnering with DPS to provide support services and college- and career-ready student opportunities (including internships and mentors); and investing in schools as community centers.


In turn, we believe schools should be used as resources and welcome opportunities to partner with our community. We fulfilled more than 550 building usage requests and welcomed more than 700 volunteers into our schools in 2013-2014. The generosity of community donors helped to support and supplement programs that benefit our students.


Neighborhood School Centers


Dayton Public Schools, working with the Raymond L. Fitz Center, S.M. Center for Leadership in Community, and a number of community organizations, has established five Neighborhood School Centers (a major initiative of the Dayton Foundation and Dayton Public Schools), recognizing that schools are anchors in the communities they serve.


The Fitz Center coordinates partnerships for five School Centers (NSC), a. These centers bring together many partners to offer a range of opportunities and support to children, youth, families and communities. Our partners work to ensure that parents and community members are involved with their local school and that students enter school ready to learn and graduate as capable learners, workers and citizens.


The five preK-8 schools and their partners are Kiser and the Salvation Army; Fairview and Good Samaritan Hospital; Cleveland and Edison with the YMCA; and Ruskin and East End Community Services. Through these partnerships, families and neighborhoods become supportive and engaged and improve the lives of children and adults through a shared vision and commitment of resources. Each center is evaluated on its ability to improve the quality of live in the neighborhood, attract families, realign community resources to support youth achievement, and improve student performance.






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